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If applying for positions in the Resilience practice, please attempt the essay below:-
  • “Under the United Nations’ Paris Agreement, countries have pledged to limit global temperature rise this century (i.e. until 2100) to under 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Based on current trends and projected trends in global greenhouse gas emission levels, please provide your brief assessment as to whether it is likely that the world will be able to restrict temperature rise to 2 degrees or less.
    If so, what are the key factors that you believe will result in successfully meeting the goal? And if not, what are the key factors you believe are a stumbling block towards achieving this goal?”
     length (3-5 pages max including references)

If applying for Financial Modelling and Transaction Advisory roles, please attempt any one of the two essays below:-
  1. Low-economic growth, such as currently experienced in many sectors in South Africa, bring about certain further considerations in conducting project appraisals. What would be your approach to conduct and advise a small scale local corporate client (aiming to expand operations) regarding competing investment opportunities in a low economic growth environment?
  2. In light of growing community unrest, a large metro is investigating the possibility to accelerate their housing project through the building of high density high-rise buildings on suitable sites already owned by the metro. National grant funding for this purpose is limited and unlikely to meet the funding requirement of the complete development in the current budget cycle. How would you go about assisting the metro with financial evaluation techniques for this project?
     length (2-3 pages max)

If applying for positions in the Transport practice, please attempt the essay below:-
  • In your opinion, what are the key challenges facing the public transport sector in South Africa over the next 5 years?
     length (2-3 pages max)

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